Video Retailers

Rentrak remains on the leading edge of
measurement and analysis
across the $13 billion packaged home entertainment industry.

Since first introducing our innovative Pay Per Transaction® (PPT®) revenue sharing system in 1986, Rentrak has been the industry’s source for physical distribution intelligence, video consumption measurement and analysis across all segments of the packaged home entertainment industry — from Blu-ray Disc and DVD sales and rentals to the burgeoning online market. Rentrak’s home entertainment services incorporate a unique set of applications
designed to help clients maintain and direct their home video product performance business practices. Catering to both retailers and content providers, Rentrak’s ability to distribute, measure, analyze and report consumer rental and retail activity on movies and video games allows clients to make more efficient, effective and profitable product purchasing and sales decisions.
How Pay-Per-
Transaction® Works
Increase your inventory without breaking your budget.
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