StationView Essentials

Don't stop at sweeps. Rentrak is the industry's massive and passive currency providing TV measurement from tens of millions of screens across every local market all day, every day — giving stations the most reliable and precise information about the products viewers buy and the television content they watch.

Rentrak’s local TV measurement service, StationView Essentials®, tracks all satellite, telco, cable and over-the-air television viewing built from the ZIP code-level, up. Specifically designed to meet the unique needs of local television station sales, news and management teams, StationView Essentials gives users detailed TV ratings, a closer look at their audience’s viewing patterns and competitive data from other local stations in their market. With Rentrak, clients can monitor daily program performance and improve audience retention by appropriately adjusting programming.

Advanced Demographics
Rentrak’s Advanced Demographics allow StationView Essentials users to target local television viewers using Rentrak’s TV viewing intelligence paired with real consumer behavior information sourced from data providers like IHS, Simmons, Epsilon and Experian. Maximize your station’s revenue potential with valuable insights your station can use to accurately pinpoint the audiences you want to reach, demonstrate the true value of your viewing audience and ultimately, sell more TV advertising.

Rentrak’s FasTrak makes expedited preliminary ratings numbers available to clients in select markets.

the stationview essentials advantage
  • Make more efficient and effective programming and promotional decisions and empower TV advertising by knowing precisely what and when your station’s audience is watching
  • Sell more TV advertising by demonstrating to advertisers that their target consumers reliably watch your station
  • Spend less time and resources on make-goods with the ability to process Rentrak’s stable and detailed TV viewing information through major buying and selling systems (including STRATA and WideOrbit)