Analytical Reports

Standard solutions don’t always meet complex needs. Rentrak’s services address a wide array of industry concerns, but what about questions that go beyond our Essentials suite of products? Rentrak’s Analytical Solutions team can provide customized answers that offer deep insights into a variety of client verticals.

Analytical Solutions has a range of innovative offerings, from single projects tailored to specific client needs, to syndicated solutions that pair Rentrak’s wealth of media industry intelligence with Advanced Demographics in multiple sectors. Rentrak’s Analytical Solutions team works with local stations, TV networks, agencies, studios, advertisers and service providers to craft custom studies designed to address unique questions both large and small.

By leveraging Rentrak’s “big data” approach to media measurement, we can help clients understand the widest-ranging trends and tease out the most subtle details. Whether a client has a well-defined set of specifications or is facing an open-ended problem, Analytical Solutions has an answer. We are constantly striving to expand the possible solutions Rentrak can offer.

the vod monitor advantage
  • Pair linear TV viewing with real consumer behavior information from world-class providers like Polk, Simmons, Experian, and MasterCard — or with your own customer database
  • Get a granular look at TV viewing in your market, to your network, or on your ad schedule with duplication reports, reach studies, viewer segmentation and more
  • Understand trends in Video on Demand usage that go beyond OnDemand Essentials, such as comparing your MSO performance against the industry or finding patterns in marathon series viewing