Digital Download Essentials

As consumers of every age embrace new media and explore alternative ways to access entertainment and media content, Internet usage continues to increase across various demographics, with online video, in particular, seeing a steady rise in viewership in recent years.

This is where Rentrak’s Digital Download Essentials® service comes into play. Tailored to fit the needs of those who offer the majority of their online video products on a pay per transaction basis, Digital Download Essentials is the industry’s only reporting and auditing service providing content performance intelligence on purchased and rented movie and television content downloaded or streamed via the Internet, including royalty calculations.

This secure, Web-based system collects, verifies, consolidates and reports on all digitally downloaded and streamed content transactions including electronic sell-through (EST), Internet Video on Demand (iVOD) and subscription-based (sVOD) streaming transactions.

With Digital Download Essentials, content providers receive independent third-party verification and reporting of

Digital Download Essentials: UltraViolet
Rentrak’s Digital Download Essentials: UltraViolet tracks the content consumers add to their cloud-based UltraViolet libraries with redemption codes from Blu-ray Disc purchases, electronic sell-through (EST) transactions, and brick-and-mortar or in-home Disc-to-Digital upgrades. With Digital Download Essentials: UltraViolet, content providers can bypass the heavy lifting associated with "do it yourself" data aggregation by providing a secure, Web-based system that is quick, reliable and easy to understand. Rentrak's detailed and comprehensive information helps clients develop a more informed strategy in their efforts to encourage the adoption of UltraViolet by consumers around the world.

the digital download essentials advantage
  • Know the exact performance of your digital content by having Rentrak do the “heavy lifting” in consolidating usage data, including title-matching, across multiple licensees allowing you to focus exclusively on performance analysis
  • Ensure accurate and timely reporting across all licensees (domestic and international) with industry-standard data feed specification