Distribution Services

Rentrak’s proven Pay Per Transaction distribution system helps video retailers meet the challenges of a changing home entertainment industry by maintaining the breadth and depth of copy needed to better satisfy customer demand and more effectively compete in the marketplace.
In 1986, Rentrak revolutionized the home entertainment industry when we introduced our Pay Per Transaction® (PPT®) distribution system, designed to give video retailers monthly access to a wide selection of box office hits, independent releases and foreign films from the industry’s leading suppliers. Under the PPT agreement, retailers can purchase new movies for a fraction of the cost of using a wholesale distributor, and stock a larger variety and quantity of titles, all within their original budget, giving PPT video retailers a competitive edge over other rental sources like kiosks, streaming services or by-mail subscriptions.
the ppt advantage
  • More profit, with less risk
  • Stock more New Releases to meet peak customer demand before titles are available through by-mail and kiosk services
  • Grow your market share
  • Boost Previously-Viewed sales by increasing your inventory
  • Rentrak’s PPT model enables participating video retailers to have new release movies delivered right to their store for a low, one-time cost.
  • Movie rental revenue is shared between the retailer and the studio or supplier with whom the movie is distributed.
  • After 28 to 31 days, retailers can begin selling units as "Previously-Viewed" inventory; sales revenue is shared between the retailer and the studio or supplier.
  • Once the 182-day lease term has concluded, retailers can either return the remaining units or buy them at a fraction of the retail cost.
  • Under the PPT arrangement, retailers can expect to pay between $8 and $12 a unit.
Pay Per Transaction gives video retailers a wide variety of movie rental copies in their store at a lower cost than wholesale.
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