Box Office Essentials

Rentrak is the global standard for box office reporting, offering robust measurement tools and detailed analytics to industry professionals throughout the nation and the world.

As the pioneer of real-time box office results, Rentrak has served the motion picture community for more than a decade. Rentrak's Box Office Essentials® is the movie industry’s census-based currency, collecting, processing and reporting on how many people go to the movies and how much they spend in virtually every theater in North America. Every major studio, mini-major and prominent independent film distributor in the industry uses Rentrak’s real-time and geographic-specific box office information that provides users with instant analysis of nearly the entire domestic box office landscape. Primarily collected through an electronic connection with thousands of theater box offices, Rentrak’s box office intelligence is accessible via online reports from anywhere around the world, allowing users to literally watch the virtual minute-by-minute sale of tickets.

the box office essentials advantage
  • Determine how well a film did in specified cities and regions, as well as nationwide using geographically-specific box office reports
  • Get the most up-to-date intelligence, when you need it with box office results and attendance information from theaters across the country in near real-time
  • Make better future decisions or adjust current plans by honing in on searches to find the exact intelligence you need