Rentrak is always looking for talented engineers to work with BIG DATA in beautiful Portland, Oregon.

A lot of places in town are looking for engineers. So why join Rentrak? The answer is simple – our unique environment!

We operate with the flexibility and energy of a start-up organization but have the backing of a 30-year-old publicly traded company. We're inventing new products and have a solid customer base eager to implement them!

We also understand and value our engineers. Our engineers work hard here, taking stunningly large amounts of data and doing an amazing job of turning it into critical systems for the movie and television industry.

But we know that hard work has to be balanced out with fun and play. What does that mean?

  • We game on our Xbox in our relaxation lounge while enjoying the free soda, free fruit and free snacks. (Yes, we know that well-fed engineers write the best code!). Grab the free cereal/milk or peanut butter & jelly throughout the day as well!
  • We have debates about whether it is harder to Ascend in NetHack or get the 'Eternal' achievement in Path of Exile (i.e. make it to level 90 in hardcore).
  • We have company-sponsored hackathons; sometimes coding, sometimes playing esoteric board or card games – all while enjoying pizza, chips and soda.

  • We've gone to movie premieres, played at fun centers, gone crazy at laser tag, jumped out of airplanes, rented bowling alleys and the list goes on and on.

Location. Location. Location. We understand that location matters and our convenient downtown location offers a vibrant and exciting work environment for our engineers.

  • We work in the heart of downtown Portland.
  • We grab lunch at some of Portland's finest food carts.
  • We are close to Portland's award winning coffee and micro breweries.
  • We can hop on the Max for a reliable and easy commute home.

So now that you know what it’s like to work here, here’s what it takes to be part of our team:

  • Be an awesome engineer and employee!
  • Be a nice person.

Put simply, it’s a great job, with great people, in a great environment… still want to find out more?

Here are some other things we enjoy at Rentrak:

  • Our customer base includes ABC, Universal Studios, Warner Brothers, and many other industry giants.
  • We’re big enough to reach a national audience, but small enough that every engineer’s contribution makes a difference.
  • Our industry and customer base is growing, providing both opportunities and stability.


Hamilton Building, East end, downtown Portland, Oregon
Personal Quote: "I mean come on!"
Best Accomplishment: Top 12 Comedy Scripts Austin Film Festival 2010
Why Rentrak?: "Where else would an aspiring screenwriter who is actually a computer dork work?"
Brian, Sr. Software Engineer
Favorite Programming Language: C++
Best Accomplishment: "My level 100 character in Path of Exile."
Why Rentrak?: "I received $5 via snail mail from a company asking me to write down in a diary what I watched on tv and then snail mail it back to them... I knew that someone out there had to be measuring what tv audiences watch more intelligently and I found Rentrak."
Jeon, CIO & Executive VP of IT
Favorite Programming Language: Ruby
Favorite Food(s): A Burrito
Why Rentrak?: "I get to hang around with smart people and talk about Star Wars all day."
Scott, Software Architect
Favorite Computer: Droid RAZR & Kindle Fire
Favorite Food(s): Ethiopian

Why Rentrak?: "There are plenty of interesting problems to solve. I can make a real difference."
Jeff, Software Architect
Favorite Food(s): Eggs
Hobbies: Sports (Go Ducks!), Gaming, Movies
Why Rentrak?: "It's a pleasure to work with intelligent people solving difficult problems."
James, Software Engineer
Best Accomplishment: My children
Favorite Song: "Fire", by Scooter
Why Rentrak?: "Rentrak is not only a company, Rentrak is a culture that is worth experiencing."
Ryan, Quality Assurance Analyst
Favorite Programming Language: C++, C#
Favorite Food(s): Japanese
Why Rentrak?: "Why wouldn't you wanna be around smart people and talk about nerdy things?"
Shu, Software Engineer
Personal Quote: "There is no spoon" - Neo
Favorite Computer: ZX Spectrum
Why Rentrak?: "Great team and interesting work."
Denis, Sr. Software Engineer, Linear
Favorite Movie: "Shawshank Redemption"
Personal Quote: "Life is too short, just do it"
Why Rentrak?: "It's exciting making a difference at a company like Rentrak that is revolutionizing the entertainment industry!"
Aaron, Manager of Engineering, Sr. Web UI/UX Designer
Personal Quote: "Carpe diem."
Favorite Computer: MacBook Pro
Why Rentrak?: "It's eye-opening to see so many talented people working closely together on a complex and meaningful system."
Harry, Sr. Software Engineer
Best Accomplishment: Best CS Lecturer at UCSD, as voted by students -- twice
Favorite Movie: "Monty Python & The Holy Grail"
Why Rentrak?: "Lots of fascinating data to play with. Interesting problems that never get old. Working for great people."
Brian, Sr. Software Engineer
Favorite Food(s): It's hard to go wrong with bacon.
Favorite Computer: My brain
Why Rentrak?: "Rentrak is the kind of company that knows how to work hard, knows how to have fun, and has the wisdom to know when to do which."
Eric, Sr. Manager of Engineering, SCM & Automation
Hobbies: Cars, gaming, basketball, football playing guitar
Best Accomplishment: Beating Mike Tyson's Punch-Out on original Nintendo
Why Rentrak?: "I like the atmosphere, the people, and the challenges I'm presented with. Plus they never stop feeding me."
Bob, Program Manager, ODE
Favorite Movie: "So I Married an Axe Murderer"
Best Accomplishment: Sent The Mandala in the Buttermilks
Favorite Programming Languages: Scala, Python
Why Rentrak?: "Great team members and I get to solve interesting problems in Scala!"
Jesse, Sr. Software Engineer, Linear
Hobbies: Driving, Riding, Piloting
Favorite Song: "Right in Two", Tool
Why Rentrak?: "TV and movies mixed with big data engineering? I couldn’t possibly ask for anything more."
Nick, Software Engineer, Linear
Favorite Computer: Tandy 1000 TX (wish I still had it)
Hobbies: Gardening
Why Rentrak?: "Interesting people and possibilities"
Ben, Sr. Software Engineer
Best Accomplishment: Not passing out when my children were born
Favorite Programming Language: Python
Why Rentrak?: "I get to solve challenging problems and work with talented colleagues."
Kevin, Sr. Software Engineer, Linear
Favorite Movie: "JAWS"
Favorite Computer: Power Mac 7500
Personal Quote: "Simplicity. The Ultimate Sophistication" ~Leonardo Da Vinci
Why Rentrak?: "I enjoy the opportunity for professional growth, and the very generous amount of vacation time Rentrak provides for me and my family every year."
Ted, User Experience Designer