Who We Are

People often ask, what sets Rentrak apart from other measurement services? The answer can be summed up in one word: Precision.

The entertainment, television and advertising industries are undergoing fundamental changes with respect to how they manage their businesses. As the leader in multiscreen reporting and analytics, Rentrak’s cutting-edge measurement technology is in the middle of this change, delivering precise reporting of the intelligence needed to help move the industry forward.

By establishing tracking and analytical systems that were never before available, Rentrak has become the measurement currency used by movie studios; cable, telco and satellite TV; local television stations; national networks; advertisers; media agencies and Video on Demand content providers to more profitably grow their operations and more effectively compete in this increasingly complex environment.

With the ability to merge television viewing and actual consumer behavior information across all media distribution platforms*, only Rentrak is able to provide the stable and robust audience measurement services on which movie, television and advertising professionals have come to rely to better manage their business goals and more precisely target advertising.

From our roots in home entertainment to our leadership role in Video on Demand measurement to our position as the global box office authority, Rentrak is the entertainment industry’s premier source for knowing — every day, every minute, everywhere — who is going to the movies and who is watching TV. As the media and entertainment advertising sectors continue to evolve, Rentrak will be there, precisely measuring movies and TV everywhere the consumer is watching.

* Rentrak takes technical and organizational steps to protect television viewing and actual consumer behavior information from intentional manipulation, loss, destruction, or access by unauthorized individuals. This includes third-party matching of Rentrak’s TV viewing intelligence with consumer behavior information, during which Rentrak never possesses personally identifiable information of any of the households involved.