Justin Evans, Collective, talks about how Rentrak’s advanced targeting helps show advertisers the benefits of using his company.
Scott Hagedorn, Annalect, and Justin Evans, Collective, talk about how Rentrak is a strategic partner for their companies in a new age of media.
A local station client in South Florida created this sales video to explain the advantages of using Rentrak’s measurement currency to media buyers and agencies.
Tim Perry, KOIN Television and Phil Hurley, London Broadcasting Company, explain how they use Rentrak data to compete in local markets and appeal to new clients.
Rentrak clients talk about how Rentrak helps them better understand their viewers and compete more efficiently in the network marketplace. In this video: Michael Schwimmer, nuvoTV; Bob Higley, TBN Networks, Eric Turpin, HITN; and Bill Osborn, HDNET.
Find out how Rentrak can help you meet your media buying, planning and selling goals more effectively.


Todd Green, Tribeca Film, describes how Rentrak helps his company save money, make money, gain distribution and sell to advertisers.
Char Beales provides an update on CTAM’s Transactional Movies On Demand campaign.
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Raymond Pettit, Ph.D., explains the processes behind Rentrak's branded entertainment measurement system.
From movie theaters to television sets, and live events to digital devices, only Rentrak can measure the effect branded entertainment has on consumers watching from any screen.


Steve Bertram, Relativity Media, describes how Rentrak’s technology and solutions help his company grow its digital business.
This video explains Rentrak’s PPT service which allows video stores to increase the depth and breadth of their inventory without breaking their budget.